3 Ways to Feel Full without Increasing your Waistline

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It’s that time of year again; the nights are drawing in and we all start to crave for the delicious, but fattening meals which make us feel full up, warm and satisfied. It’s all too easy to fill up on carbs at this time of year, and we even fool ourselves with the excuse that we need a bit of extra insulation to get through the winter months! While many of us will embark on a healthy eating plan so we can look good in our LBD at Christmas, yet many more will simply leave it until the New Year, figuring that there is nothing else to look forward to so why watch our weight until then?

So how can you feel full and satisfied without piling on the pounds, and losing £’s by over-shopping? Here are a few suggestions:

Make Vegetables your Best Friend
They are nutritious, healthy and will fill you up. Using plenty of veg in a meal also means that you will be able to cut down on the amount of protein you use which will also save you money in the long run. And when I say make them your best friend, I mean it! Puree them after cooking in chicken stock and add to any sauce-based meal, such as Bolognese. You can also hide them in most kinds of mince-based meal, such as cottage pie. Look in the shops for what is on offer that week and stock up for as little cost as possible. If you find you have too much, freeze the puree in ice cube trays and add them to meals throughout the week.

Water Should be the Next thing on your List
Your body needs water to function normally and to help keep your internal organs in good working order. And not many people realise that when you are trying to lose weight, keeping hydrated helps to flush the fat out via your excretory system. You don’t have to make it plain water either; what you use in tea and coffee also counts and if you keep a 500ml bottle beside you and constantly sip it all day, you will soon reach the desired volume of around 2 litres. It is also easy to mistake thirst for hunger and so by drinking water you will find that you automatically eat less too! And don’t spend a fortune on bottled water either; what comes in your tap is perfectly acceptable.

Pile of Vegetables

If you can’t Finish a Meal without having Something Sweet, Plump for Fruit
This doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive; go for what’s on special offer at the supermarket that week. Top with a little squirty cream if you can’t bear it naked!

By consuming plenty of veg and fruit, (try to have more veg than fruit because of the hidden sugars in some varieties,) and drinking water, your body will naturally feel satisfied for longer and you should not have the cravings which are usually associated with highs and lows in your blood sugar.

Lastly, if you simply cannot resist a chocolate fix, go for a high cocoa content and suck slowly on a square at a time; keep it in the freezer already broken into pieces. By allowing it to coat the roof of your mouth and taking your time, and due to the high cocoa content, you will get your fix without piling on the pounds!

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