Authentic Doesn’t Mean Tasty

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…And unauthentic doesn’t mean revolting. When someone tries to cook a traditional dish from another country there’s often a scare tactic employed by the indigenous people of that country: “It’s not very authentic!” But do you know what I say to that, “So what!”

Spaghetti BologneseIf I want to put Worcester Sauce in my Italian spaghetti bolognese, then I will. If I only want to use 1 green chilli instead of 20 in my Thai green curry, then I will. And if I want to make up my own jerk rub for my jerk chicken, then I will!

Cooking should not be about following a rule book of traditions and guidelines… It should be fun and part of the fun of cooking is the experimentation that goes with it. Throw a bit of this and that in there and see what it ends up tasting like. If you and the rest of your family enjoy it then that’s all that should really matter, right?

I mean, who actually cares about authenticity. I know there will be people in shock at this thought, but it really REALLY doesn’t matter. To think that authenticity has only a positive impact on taste is a naive way to look at things.

Ultimately, the success of a dish comes down to one thing and that is the taste. Of course, it helps if it looks half decent and if it’s remotely healthy BUT the bulk of it comes down to the taste. Does it taste good? If you can answer YES then you don’t need to look at the level of authenticity that has gone into your dish.

So the lesson that you should have learned from this short blog post? Give up on cooking AUTHENTIC food and start cooking TASTY food!