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Essential Utensils

I thought I’d make a bit of a change and not talk about food this week. You may think this is a bit strange, being a blog about food and… Continue Reading »

Why go Organic?

If I was playing word association and organic came up, one of the first things I would blurt out would probably be ‘expensive’. Because no matter how much good I’m… Continue Reading »

Roast Dinners that Just Keep Giving

I’m an advocate of incorporating a regular roast dinner into your weekly routine. There’s nothing quite like making a Sunday afternoon special again with the smell of pork crackling or… Continue Reading »

Diet Dilemmas and Calorie Conundrums

It is normally at this time of year, you know, when you’ve consumed large amounts of food in the name of tradition, when my mind turns to calorie counting. But… Continue Reading »

Post Easter Problems

OK, so it’s not really a problem as such, more of a challenge. I think I mentioned in my previous post about how to combine baking bread with staving off… Continue Reading »

School Holiday Scoffing

Now that my two kids are at school and nursery full time, I’ve noticed the shopping requirements decrease slightly. Only slightly, mind. With lunchtimes now catered for by the school… Continue Reading »

20 Ways to Pimp up Mashed Potato

There’s nothing wrong with a plain dollop of mash every once in a while, and sometimes you don’t want anything too flavourful. Who wants chilli mashed potato as an accompaniment… Continue Reading »

Breakfast – How to make it Important

Quick question for you – the most important meal of the day – what is it? (let’s just pretend you didn’t read the title of this post). The famous mantra… Continue Reading »

Why I Love my Emergency Food Staples

If you’re anything like me, then when a big supermarket shop is almost due, you might open the fridge or the food cupboard door (I don’t have anything that could… Continue Reading »