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In Celebration of Unhealthy Salads

You may think this a strange subject for a blog post but I have my reasons, the main one being I’m in love with cheese and want to include it… Continue Reading »

Ice Cube Tray Flavour Pots

What many people do not know is that ice cube trays can be used for so much more than just freezing water, and are actually one of the most useful… Continue Reading »

Would you Eat Ugly Produce?

We’re all guilty of, at one point, rooting around to the back of the supermarket shelf to search for the best looking piece of fruit. We can’t help shopping with… Continue Reading »

Why we Should all be Using Rape Seed Oil Over Olive Oil

In recent years, due to the rising popularity of Mediterranean cuisine, there has been a growing culture based around the different types of olive oil, with many people advocating olive… Continue Reading »

8 Essential Cooking Tricks You MUST Know

Cooking is a chore for many and enjoyed by others but we can all make our lives a little easier in the kitchen with a few tips and tricks. Below… Continue Reading »

Easter Food on a Budget

You might already be counting the cost of those Easter egg purchases before you’ve even considered what you’re going to cook for lunch on Sunday, and that’s not to mention… Continue Reading »

Horses: Food or Not?

Ever since the horse meat scandal in 2013, there have been uncountable debates and discussion on the topic of eating horses. It is a meat that has been eaten widely… Continue Reading »

Where do your Food Limits Lie?

From deep-fried grasshoppers to smoked puffin meat, the variety of food that people around the world eat differs hugely from country to country. As the public are becoming more educated… Continue Reading »

Befriend your Butcher!

Make friends with your local butcher and you won’t regret it! Although it can be tempting to buy your meat in the supermarket along with the rest of your shopping,… Continue Reading »