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Is Organic Really Worth it?

Twenty years ago, you would have had a hard time finding organic food at a supermarket, you have had to travel to some hip health food store, but now the… Continue Reading »

When will Spring have Sprung?

I’m not going to deny it; I can’t wait for spring to have sprung! I do think this is one of those times of year that can be quite depressing… Continue Reading »

The Best British Regional Pies

We do love a good pie in this country, so it is rather fitting that we have National British Pie Week to celebrate our love and skill when it comes… Continue Reading »

Could Vegetarianism Save the Planet?

With an increasing population, rising food prices, declining fish stocks, and 30% of the earth’s land mass currently being used for cattle production, it is no wonder that people have… Continue Reading »

The Truth about Veal

Veal is a meat that, in the past, has earned itself a bit of a bad reputation. Unlike beef, which comes from adult cattle, veal comes from, generally speaking, male… Continue Reading »

Seafood and the UK Fishing Industry

“The UK public are being misinformed – by certain core national media organisations, under the influence of green politics, and by some seafood retailers who want consumers to think that… Continue Reading »

Superfoods you Should Actually be Eating

Unknown to many, the term ‘superfood’ (used to describe certain foods that are low in calories and high in specific vitamins, minerals or nutrients) was created and used as a… Continue Reading »

‘Fed-up’ February?

You all know me by now… I’m the one who will always have a laugh and a joke and try to make the best out of a bad situation. Well… Continue Reading »

Freezing February Warmers

It’s oh-so-tempting at this time of year to want to fill up on warming ‘fast food’ where you don’t have to stand in a cold kitchen for what feels like… Continue Reading »