Don’t be Ashamed to go Back to Basics

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To say that supermarket value ranges have had a bit of a bad press recently would be a modest understatement. The worst press possible might be slightly more accurate. So it would be entirely reasonable to assume that folk want to distance themselves from said budget meal options.

I mean, we all want to know what goes into our foods and consequently our stomachs, yes?  So there’s one simple to solution to ease your mind – just stop buying value supermarket food. There you go. End of post.

…Oh, of course it’s not the end of the post! The main reason we buy the cheaper produce is just that, because it’s cheaper – we don’t buy these foods because we want to, it’s generally because we have to. Budgets dictate that sometimes we need to sacrifice our oysters and caviar for a basic bargain meal or two.

Tesco Every Day Value

So here’s the thing, why don’t you start looking at these basic ranges from a different angle? At the end of the day, they do exactly what they say on the plain packaging – they’re basic, so use that to your advantage. Is there really much of a difference between a premium tin of kidney beans with a flashy label and one that doesn’t like to do as much of a song and dance about why it’s such a great tin of kidney beans? Oh, yes, apart from the fact that the latter is significantly cheaper than the former. And we all know the nutritional value of a portion of pulses in your stew, whatever their price.

And what about fruit and vegetables? Look at the humble aubergine. That’s something that we can’t source locally (unless you know of some strange home-counties microclimate that can grow enough aubergines to supply a nation’s worth of moussaka), so why not move away from the prettier, equally sized aubergines and go for the packet containing the smaller, slightly skewy ones?

You can bet that they’ll taste the same once they’re expertly cooked by your skilled hand. And, more importantly, you’ll save a few quid too. Don’t be too quick to discount that value bag of russet apples or unpolished potatoes. If you think about what you’re going to use them for, the only difference it will really make is to your wallet.

Ok, so there are some things that are worth scrimping on. If you’re worried about your meat, then of course you should be thinking about buying better quality, more expensive cuts. But don’t discount what supermarket basics ranges can offer you. Pad out your pricier purchases with those everyday items that can give great value and great nutritional benefits to your family’s diet.

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