The Secrets to Eating Meals as a Family

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There is so much emphasis on what foods we give our children, what they are exposed to, the importance of providing a balanced diet etc etc. Nothing new there. How often have you despaired when you’re left with a nearly full plate packed full of untouched veggies, or suspicious scowls when you proudly place a new food stuff in front of them? It’s very tempting to opt for the same old kid’s favourites. At least you know they’ll get eaten, and that’s the most important thing, right?

Well, first off, don’t stop doing any of the above. Don’t stop trying and don’t stop giving them the odd fish finger every now and again. There’s nothing wrong with fish fingers. We all love fish fingers. But adding one more thing into the mix might make all the difference… this may sound like a dumb question, but when was the last time you sat down with your children, at the dinner table and ate together as a family?

Family Sharing Meal

I know, I know, time. Time is severely lacking for that sort of thing these days. Children have homework, after-school activities, they need their down time too, and enough sleep to cope with all of said activities. With all of that going on, meal times tend to get pared down or squeezed out occasionally. But even if you find it difficult to make a family meal part of your daily routine, before you baulk at the amount of work involved, just read this…

Try leading by example. If you’ve got a fussy eater or two on your hands, there’s nothing quite like a spot of communal eating to encourage good habits on all fronts. The more your kids see you enjoying your own food, the more they’ll want to find out what they might be missing out on.

And take a proper look at the food you are dishing up. If you don’t want to eat boring, bland vegetables, and plain pasta, why would your children? If it’s not interesting enough for your palate, maybe that’s why there’s refusing these meals on a regular basis. They’ve inherited your good taste, after all. Making something tempting for yourself means you’ll be making something tempting for them too.

Yes, yes, the time factor, I know. I’m just coming to that…

Right, so you’re kids have been fed washed and put into bed. Time to eat. You’re starving, but you’re tired. Can you honestly say that after all the daily drama, you’re well up for cooking a balanced meal for yourself? Ok, maybe sometimes, but we all graze at the end of an evening on occasions, when we should really be thinking a bit more about what we put in our own stomachs.

So your kids get a boring meal and you get an unhealthy snack – wouldn’t it be easier to prepare an easy, well,-balanced meal a bit earlier in the evening for everyone? A bit like the meals provided by Fiver Feeds. We’re not talking a three course banquet here. Marinate some chicken thighs for 10 minutes and stick them in the oven for half an hour then serve with rice and corn. Or even just a simple omelette with buttered toast and fried tomatoes goes a long way. And eating before 7pm can also do wonders for your own digestion.

We all want more time to spend with our kids, so why not include meals in these elusive family bonding sessions? Sitting down together, talking about how your day went, enjoying your food, and making meal times a pleasure instead of a chore –  it’s amazing the results one simple act can get in the long run. Ok, so you might not be able to do this every day, but a few times a week could make all the difference. And you might just feel the benefits yourself…

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