Ever Had One of those Days? – Part 1

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Ever had one of those days when you start off with good intentions and somehow the whole world seems to conspire to make everything go wrong? You know what I mean, when you have planned your day and your evening meal and are looking forward to the end of the day when you can put your feet up with a cuppa and watch Corrie?

I had one of those last week. I had planned the week’s menus and was going to do my shopping, sticking to the list clutched in my hand in readiness, so that I wouldn’t overspend. My biggest mistake was going to the supermarket when I was hungry. Morrison’s had me as soon as I walked in the door and they had a huge trolley with ‘bargains’ which were just too good to pass up. The problem was though, that what they had on offer wasn’t on my list, but I had one of those moments when I thought ‘oh just this once won’t hurt.’ I bet you’ve all had the same thing happen too.


So what did I do? I bought three fresh cream cakes which had been reduced from £1.99 to 59p. Did I need them? Were they on the all-important list? NO! Did I fancy them? YES! (So much for the diet!) So I carefully laid them in the trolley, added a few essentials which I can’t get in Aldi and loaded the stuff in the car. Off I went to Aldi and did the proper shop, sticking to the list this time, and carefully put them in the car, being extra careful with the last bag as I had 30 eggs in there. The eggs are only £1.35 for 15 and a bargain, so I planned on doing some batch baking for the week and freezing them. Feeling virtuous, I completely forgot about the cream cakes.

Remembering them in a panic, I moved the Aldi shopping so that I wouldn’t crush the cakes, and laid it on the ground while I re-arranged. Suddenly a barking dog, straining on its owner’s leash came by, made me jump and I banged my head on the boot, dropped the bag in my hand and a pack of eggs crashed to the ground. I watched in horror as it popped open and more than half the eggs were left in a sticky, gooey mess, splashed on my boots and up my jeans. Muttering “Sorry,” the owner of the dog couldn’t get away quickly enough, leaving me there in a mess!


Huffing and puffing, I cleaned up as best as I could and went to get the last bits of shopping from Heron. They have great offers on frozen veg and I wanted to see what was on special. Got there a little bit flustered and what happened? There were no trollies so I had to stand around waiting for one. My toes got ran over by an impatient mom with a pushchair and I got elbowed out of the way by a guy who figured he was in more of a rush than me when a trolley finally became available. Gritting my teeth, I got on with the shopping.

Tune in to the next instalment to see how my day ended…

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