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We all know that we should be eating more fish as part of a healthy diet, but the problem is that it can be expensive when you’re on a budget. Always try to use fish which is in season and therefore plentiful and often cheaper. Mixing it with other ingredients can also make it go further, so try to include it at least once a week and don’t be scared to use frozen stores like Heron and Farmfoods to make your money stretch a bit further too.

Easy Kedgeree

Kickin’ Kedgeree

This used to be served as a breakfast dish but is equally as good for dinner, served with some crusty bread to fill you up.

For two people, grab:

100g basmati rice

150g smoked haddock 

1 diced onion 

1 garlic clove 

Handful frozen peas

10g butter

2tbsp curry powder, (whichever strength you prefer)

2 soft boiled eggs, 

1tsp dried chilli flakes


Cook rice as per packet instructions. Cook haddock in boiling water for around 5 mins. Fry onion and garlic in butter for 5 mins, then add curry powder, chilli and peas, cooking for another 2 mins. When cooked, remove haddock from water, peel off skin, flake into chunks. Add rice and haddock to frying pan. Stir everything together then plate up, placing quartered eggs on top. If the budget allows, serve with a cold glass of Indian beer.

Cheap and Easy Fish Pie

A variation on fish fingers and mash, this is a quick and easy dish which is so tasty the kids will love it too. It uses store cupboard and frozen ingredients and so is great for when money is tight.

So go and grab:

Fish fingers


Baked beans

Grated cheese


Boil potatoes and mash with a knob of butter and a splash of milk until nice and creamy. Place grilled fish fingers into the base of an ovenproof dish and pour the baked beans on top. Spoon the mash on top and sprinkle with the cheese. Cook in a pre-heated oven until the cheese bubbles and goes a golden colour. OK… A bit of a student meal but it works if you’re rummaging around and can’t find much else to cook with and know you’ve got a trusty box of fish fingers in the freezer. 

Easy Peasy Tuna Pasta Bake

Most of us have a tin or two of tuna lurking in the fridge so this is another great and easy dish for when money is tight or a pre-shopping day when you want to use what you have in.

So to serve 4:

1 tin tuna

400g pasta, (whatever you have in the cupboard, macaroni for example)

2tbsp mayo

Around 50ml of milk 

2tsp mixed herbs

1tin sweetcorn (if you wish)

Handful frozen peas

Good handful of grated strong cheese

Seasoning to taste, especially ground black pepper.


Drain tuna and sweetcorn and place in a bowl with mayo, half the cheese and the herbs. Cook pasta and peas in boiling salted water in the same saucepan, following pack instructions for pasta and adding peas for the last 5 mins. Drain and stir tuna mixture through. Add milk, using a little more if mixture seems dry. Place in an ovenproof dish and sprinkle with remaining cheese. Bake until golden and bubbling and serve with a crisp salad and crusty bread to mop up the juices. True Italians would be CURSING… But if you’ve got to eat then who cares about authenticity… Really?

And of course, for more Cheap Fish Recipes, check out the Fish category here on Fiver Feeds. Just CLICK HERE.

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