Getting Ahead of Myself, as Usual!

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Where do the months go? I, for one, cannot believe how quickly this year is shooting by us. I’ve had to turn the central heating on some evenings and am already thinking about Christmas! So with that in mind, I thought it was about time I started getting prepared. I know this blog is about feeding your family nutritious food on a budget, but if you manage to save some money in other areas, then you will be able to afford a little more on your supermarket bill, and so I would like to share with you some of my ideas for preparing ahead for Christmas and other occasions and saving money.

Christmas Preparations

I’m a strong believer in buying a little at a time rather than putting yourself under pressure to get everything from one pay cheque and that also means that you can make Christmas last longer! I love that time of year, and even more so if I have managed to get ahead of the game with buying presents and in my food preparation. 

There’s no reason why buying for Christmas can’t start in the January sales, but if you’ve left it until now, there’s still time to get ahead of yourself in the money-saving stakes. Many shops have sales on this time of the year and even if you’re not looking for summer clothes just now, then you can still grab a bargain from the shops which are also selling toiletries etc. which have been designed to go in your holiday packing. These very often come in smaller containers, making them perfect as budget stocking-fillers.

You may also find accessories in the reduced section which have been meant as summer items. But who is to say that you can’t wear a long owl necklace in the winter, as well as the summer? These also make super stocking-fillers, or ‘add-on’ presents for those who are difficult to buy for. I often have people on my Christmas list who I feel obliged to buy something for, but don’t have the budget to make it too much of a present.

So for those, I go to Heron and buy cut-price boxes of chocolates, (I got some Thornton’s from there last week for £3, which would normally be nearer to £15,) and add them to the accessories I’ve bought from the likes of Peacock’s summer sale. That’s ideal for the women on your list, just add some toiletries for the guys and you have a perfect Christmas gift, without breaking the bank.

And now is the time to get last year’s wrapping paper out of the loft and start wrapping the presents you have already bought. Make sure you make a list of what’s been wrapped so that you don’t end up buying twice for the same people, and you can then sit smugly with your feet up when everyone else is running round like a blue-bottomed fly, trying to shove their way through the crowds.

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