New Year

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Okay, so 2014 has now left us and we are at the beginning of another shiny, bright New Year! How are you feeling? I don’t know about you, but I, for one, will be glad to get back to normal! I’m fed up of feeling as though every day is a Sunday and not knowing when my bins are going to be emptied. As much as I love the Christmas season, it’s a long slog getting there! I’ve shopped ‘til I’ve dropped and I’m still finding things hidden in the back of the fridge that I bought ‘just in case!’ I feel tired, sluggish and generally ‘meh’ although I have to say that I enjoyed getting there!

This is generally quite a miserable time of year for most people and we all seem to share the feeling that there’s nothing to look forward to for ages except cold days and nights and watching a load of repeats on TV. Well this year I’ve decided to do things differently. Instead of stuffing myself with a load of stodge and waiting for the spring to come to start eating better, I’ve already booked this years’ holiday! We will be going to Italy for a month and if I want to be able to look half decent while I’m there, I really need to start doing something about it now! 

Yes, that will include eating better and more healthily, but I think it’s also push-started me to look at other things which may have held me back in the past. Winter is recognised as a time when depression can hit sufferers quite badly, (and I am one of those who do suffer,) and it’s all too easy to spend time wrapped up in a duvet and doing nothing about it. I understand that there are people who just can’t change things, but for me, action seems to clear my mind and helps me to focus better on the things which I can achieve. 

dates in the street shop in Dubai

So, I have made myself a list of resolutions. I know most of us have done this many times before, and by the end of January they are usually long-forgotten, but this year is going to be MY year! I have focus and I have a plan. Number one on my list is to have a clear out of everything which no longer serves me well. That includes all food bought for Christmas and not used, (really, walnuts and dates? Whatever possessed me? We NEVER eat them!) 

Woman makng a shopping list in her kitchen

Number two on my list is to start making lists! I intend on planning my weeks’ food out on a Sunday as I go shopping on Mondays. I will shop less and think more! Having already had a good sort out of my freezer, I will buy in bulk those things which we always use such as carrots and potatoes, and will spend some time prepping them and freezing, ready for when they are needed. 

Number three is to start practicing what I preach! I will focus on this being time for a new start, which I will tell you more about in my next post. Ciao for now, (practicing ready for Italy!)

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