‘Noel’ to Knickers in a Twist!

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Why oh why do we do it to ourselves? As much as I tell myself I’m going to be organised, something always crops up which makes me realize the best laid plans of mice and men, etc. etc. I was bragging to you last month about how organized I was in my Christmas preparations and I really felt everything was going well until my daughter decided to tell me what she would like as a combined Christmas and Birthday present.

She will be 18 in the first week of January and so of course I was expecting for it to be a special one, but wasn’t prepared for quite how special she would like it to be. She has a penfriend in the States and it’s been her dream for a long time for the two of them to be able to meet up. So she has asked us if we would be able to pay for a flight for her friend to be able to visit. It was a good job I was sitting down when I discovered just how much that was going to cost!

Expensive Christmas Presents

So quite what has this got to do with Fiver Feeds you may well ask? Well it only reiterates what I was saying about not leaving things until the last minute and being prepared. I tell you, I really should have been a boy scout! It’s now that I’m really appreciating the fact that I have spread the cost of Christmas out and I don’t have to find an inordinate amount of money for last minute food and present buying. 

I’m so glad now that I joined a savings club at my local butcher. Not only does he get all his meat from a local farm, but he also manages to sell it at a great price. He started this savings club up earlier on this year and I’ve found that by putting a couple of quid in there every week, I’ve been able to build up sufficient funds to buy everything I need for Christmas and going into the New Year. You really don’t miss a pound or two here and there and it seems so much easier than finding it all in one go. 

This butcher also sells frozen goods, such as Young’s battered fish. While this is something we don’t eat all the time, being one for a bargain, I just couldn’t resist when he had 3 packs of 4 large battered cod for the tiny price of £5! 12 fish for a fiver! Just under 42p per fish that works out at. Can you imagine what that would cost from the local chippy? He also sells massive bags of frozen chips for as little as £2 and they make at least 20 portions, so fish and chips for the grand sum of 52p per serving! As a treat on a Friday night, you really can’t beat that for great value.

So it’s a darn good job that I am organised, because it looks like we’ll be eating like this for a while if I’m going to be able to get that air ticket bought. The things we do for our kids!!

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