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Authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken

You can use this marinade for whatever chicken joint you’d like, but we’ve got with wings in order to stick to budget, but still provide a generous portion. Authentic jerk chicken is grilled on a smoky barbequed, so make sure the coals are extra hot and perhaps add a few wood chips too. But of course, if it’s raining or the middle of winter, you can still cook them in the oven… Unfortunately we’re not blessed with Jamaican sun year-round.


Authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Prep Time:

50mins (Plus Marinating)


Serves 4 People


£1.13 per Person



  • Ingredients

    1kg Chicken Wings or Drumsticks
    1 Thumb-Sized Chunk of Ginger Peeled and Cut into Small Pieces
    3 Garlic Cloves Peeled 
    1 Large Onion Peeled and Roughly Cut into Chunks
    2-3 Red Chillies Deseeded
    Juice from 1 Lime
    2tbsp of Soy Sauce
    2tbsp Vegetable Oil
    3tbsp Brown Sugar
    1tbsp Allspice
    ½tsp Dried Thyme
    Leaves from a Small Bunch of Fresh Thyme Sprigs

How to Cook

1. Put all the ingredients apart from the chicken and salt in a food processor and blend until you have a thick paste. You could also do this in a pestle and mortar. Taste and add extra salt if required, or more chilli if you want it hotter.

2. Score the skin of the chicken wings with a sharp knife and cover them with the jerk marinade. Get your hands in there (wear gloves if you want) and work the rub into all the cracks and gaps in the chicken. Ideally leave overnight in the fridge, but if you’re pushed for time then a shorter marinating time will be fine.

3. Cook on the barbeque, or if roasting, heat your oven to 180C/Gas Mark 4 and cook for 35-45 minutes. When cooking on the barbeque, make sure you get a few charred, almost burnt bits. 

4. Serve with traditional Jamaican rice and peas (or just plain rice if you’d prefer). 

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