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Classic Yorkshire Puddings

OK, not strictly a Fiver Feeds meal but our Classic Yorkshire Puddings are a cheap way to bulk up a meal and an essential element to most roast dinners. They’re easy to make, involve just a handful of standard cupboard ingredients and are a real accomplishment to say you’ve made your own and not relied upon a certain Aunt B.


Classic Yorkshire Puddings

Prep Time:



Serves 8 People


£0.09 per Person



  • Ingredients

    115g Plain Flour
    3 Medium Eggs
    275ml Milk
    Pinch of Salt
    Vegetable Oil

How to Cook

1. Get a muffin tin with 12 to 15 cups in it. Add around half a tablespoon of vegetable oil in each then place in an oven at around 200C/Gas Mark 6

2. Next take your flour and sift, to remove any lumps, into a bowl.

3. Beat the 3 eggs, then pour into a well at the centre of your flour.

4. Mix and then add a pinch of salt. Keep mixing as you slowly add your milk and you keep mixing until you have a smooth batter. The more you mix, the lighter the batter and the lighter the batter the larger the puds.

5. Open oven door and carefully pour batter into each cup hole in the tray and leave to cook for about 15 minutes or until your Yorkshire pudding have risen and are lightly browsed. Leave in a little long if you prefer your puddings to be a little crispier.

6. Serve alongside your favourite roast meat, a selections of vegetables or a few sausages and plenty of gravy of course.

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Comment Below

  • Darren

    Got to love the Yorkshire Pud!
    overflowing with gravy as part of a Sunday lunch – delicious!

  • Ann. Armstrong

    This is fantastic 3 things to make a meal look more on plate x you can eat them hot with jam custard x that’s one cheap pudding x kids love the either way x

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