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Grilled Pineapple

This is a dessert made for the summer – not only can you grill these sweet chunks of pineapple but they taste even better on the barbeque. Of course, it’s just as enjoyable in the middle of November if you want to banish those wintry blues. As an additional accompaniment, try with coconut ice cream to ramp up the tropical factor even more.


Grilled Pineapple

Prep Time:



Serves 4 People


£0.47 per Person



  • Ingredients

    1 Whole Pineapple Peeled, Cored and Cut into Chunks
    2tbsp Dark Brown Sugar
    30g Desiccated Coconut

    For the Lime Syrup

    Zest and Juice of 2 Limes
    125g Caster Sugar
    100ml Water

How to Cook

1. Put the brown sugar and coconut in a bowl or a dish and mix together.

2. Once you have cut up the pineapple, toss the chunks in the sugar and coconut mix until they are all covered.

3. Thread the chunks onto some skewers. If you are using wooden ones, soak them in water for 15-20 minutes beforehand to prevent burning.

4. Put the pineapple skewers under a medium grill (or on a griddle pan if you have one). Caramelise on all sides for a minute or two – don’t leave them for too long as the pineapple will start to go too soft. You’re just melting that sugar a little and getting the outside sweet and sticky. You’re cooking with your eyes here. Nothing actually needs cooking, you just want to get it perfectly caramelised. 

5. To prepare the lime syrup, which you could do hours beforehand, put the zest, juice and water in a small pan and bring to the boil. Turn down then gently simmer until all the sugar has dissolved and you have a syrup consistency. Drizzle this over the pineapple skewers and serve – dollop of ice-cream optional but advised. 

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