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Italian Aubergine Parmigiana

The aubergine is an indulgent sort of vegetable – It may be one of your 5 a day but it also needs to be partnered with delicious (and slightly less healthy) things such as olive oil and cheese to bring out its best qualities. Of course, we’re not complaining, especially when it makes dishes as tasty as this classic Aubergine Parmigiana.


Italian Aubergine Parmigiana

Prep Time:

1hr 10mins


Serves 4 People


£1.24 per Person



  • Ingredients

    3 Aubergines Thinly Sliced Lengthways
    2 Garlic Cloves Crushed
    2 Tins Chopped Tomatoes
    2tbsp Tomato Puree
    6tbsp Olive Oil
    100g Grated Parmesan
    1 Mozzarella Ball Chopped
    1 Egg Beaten
    Black Pepper

How to Cook

1. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a large frying pan. Once hot, fry the crushed garlic for a few seconds (making sure they don’t catch and burn) then quickly pour in the two tins of tomatoes. Bring to the boil then add the tomato puree.

2. Simmer on a high heat and stir frequently until the sauce becomes thick. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Feel free to mix it up her adding any dried herbs you fancy or even dried chilli flakes.

3. Meanwhile, pour the remaining olive oil in a shallow dish. Soak each slice of aubergine on each side, making sure they are well-covered then fry each one on a hot griddle pan until browned on each side.

4. Layer the bottom of a baking dish with some of the aubergine slices then a spoonful of tomato sauce followed by a sprinkling of grated parmesan and some seasoning.

5. Repeat until you’ve filled the baking dish, then pour over the beaten egg and top with the grated mozzarella and any remaining parmesan. You could also top with a little sprinkle of bread crumbs to give it a little crunch. 

6. Bake at 200c/Gas Mark 6 for 25-30 minutes, making sure it is crispy and brown on top.

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