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Lentil and Cumin Soup

Everyone needs a good lentil soup to fall back on (we’ve got a fair few here on Fiver Feeds), and this one adds a touch of Middle-Eastern flavour to the comfort food classic. Using a touch of cumin and a hint of chilli heat, you can spice up a cold mid-week evening with this easy-to-prepare dish.


Lentil and Cumin Soup

Prep Time:



Serves 4 People


£0.40 per Person



  • Ingredients

    1tbsp Olive Oil
    1 Onion Finely Chopped
    2 Garlic Cloves Crushed
    1 Red Chilli Finely Chopped
    2tsp Ground Cumin
    1tsp Turmeric
    400g Tin of Chopped Tomatoes
    1tbsp Tomato Puree
    1.25l Vegetable Stock Made with 2 Stock Cubes
    250g Dried Red Lentils
    Salt and Pepper

How to Cook

1. Heat the oil in a stockpot and fry the onion with some salt for 5 minutes. Add the garlic, chilli and cumin then fry for a further 5 minutes until everything is soft.

2. Pour in the tomatoes and the stock then bring to the boil. Stir in the tomato puree and turmeric, then add the lentils.

3. Leave on a simmer for 25 minutes, or until the lentils are cooked, stirring regularly so the lentils don’t stick to the bottom of the pan. Once ready, add further seasoning if required and serve with crusty bread.

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