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Mint Chocolate Mug Cake

Once you try the almost mythical chocolate cake in a mug there’s no going back – it may sound too good to be true but it really does work. This version uses peppermint extract for a refreshing alternative. All you need is one large coffee mug between two people and a microwave. Oh, and all the ingredients too…


Mint Chocolate Mug Cake

Prep Time:



Serves 4 People


£1.01 per Person



  • Ingredients

    Split these Quantities Between 2 Large Coffee Mugs to Serve 4 People

    8tbsp Plain Flour
    4tbsp Caster Sugar
    2tbsp Cocoa Powder
    2 Large Free Range Eggs
    6tbsp Whole Milk
    200g Melted Unsalted Butter
    1tsp Peppermint Extract
    100g Milk Chocolate Chips (or Plain Chocolate if you Prefer)
    Pinch of Salt for Each Mug

How to Cook

1. Put the flour, sugar and cocoa powder in each mug (remember to divide the above quantities by two) and mix thoroughly.

2. Crack an egg into each mug and mix, making sure there are no pockets of flour left. You don’t want to end up with a powdery grainy cake. 

3. Pour in the rest of the ingredients and mix again.

4. Cook each mug for 3 minutes on high in the microwave. You can enjoy this straight out of the mug, or alternatively run a knife around the edge of the pudding, turn out onto a couple of bowls and serve with cream or ice cream.

Spruce it Up

Mint not your thing? Then change it. Just grate in a little orange zest for a citrus kick, add a tsp of cinnamon to make it spicy or try a drizzle of your favourite liquor (just don’t give it to the kids).

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