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Orange Polenta Cake

Got some polenta sitting in your cupboard that you’re not entirely sure how to use? Take the easy route with this cake recipe that substitutes part of the flour for the polenta, and if you’re willing to up the budget a bit, you can change the rest of the flour for ground almonds too. This works as either a great slice to have with your afternoon tea or a dessert served with crème fraiche.


Orange Polenta Cake

Prep Time:

1hr 20mins


Serves 6 People


£0.60 per Person



  • Ingredients

    For the Cake

    250g Unsalted Butter
    250g Caster Sugar
    4 Large Eggs
    150g Polenta
    150g Plain Flour
    2tsp Baking Powder
    Zest and Juice of 2 Large Oranges Keep Half of the Juice for the Glaze Below

    For the Glaze

    Juice of 1 Orange See Above
    100g Caster Sugar

How to Cook

1. Heat your oven to 160C/Gas Mark 4 and grease and line a 22cm springform cake tin.

2. Beat the butter and sugar together using an electric mixer or wooden spoon until light and fluffy.

3. Sieve the flour in a separate bowl and combine with the polenta and baking powder.

4. Beat each egg into the butter and sugar one at a time with a tablespoon of the flour/polenta mix. Once you have added all the eggs, fold in the remaining flour and polenta.

5. Stir in the orange zest and the juice of one of the oranges (leave the rest of the juice for the glaze). Pour the batter into the cake tin and bake for approximately 45 minutes. You can test whether it is done by putting a skewer through the cake – if it comes out clean then it’s ready.

6. Once the cake is baked, leave in the tin to cool.

7. To make the orange glaze, put the rest of the orange juice and the caster sugar in a small saucepan and heat through for about 5 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved.

8. Dot the cake with holes using your skewer and spoon the glaze over top until it seeps into the cake.

9. Only remove the cake from the tin when it has completely cooled.

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