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Pea and Watercress Soup

Soups aren’t just for winter – just look at the colour of this refreshing bowl of goodness and tell us it wouldn’t make the perfect spring or summer supper. Of course, fresh peas would be an ideal ingredient, but if buying from your supermarket, they might not have quite the freshness you imagine. Sometimes it’s better to stick with the frozen sort, unless you have an abundance of pea pods in your back garden…


Pea and Watercress Soup

Prep Time:



Serves 4 People


£0.90 per Person



  • Ingredients

    1tbsp Olive Oil
    20g Unsalted Butter
    1 Onion Finely Chopped
    1 Garlic Clove Crushed
    1 Large Potato Peeled and Diced into Chunks
    1l Vegetable Stock
    500g Garden Peas
    170g Watercress Approximately 2 Bags
    2 Springs of Fresh Mint
    150ml Double Cream
    Salt and Black Pepper

How to Cook

1. Heat the olive oil and butter in a large stockpot and cook the onion and garlic with some salt until soft. Add the potato and stock when ready then bring to the boil. Simmer for 7-8 minutes depending on the size of your potato chunks – they should be soft but not quite cooked through.

2. Add the peas and watercress and bring back to the boil. Simmer for a further 3-4 minutes. The watercress should wilt down at this point so don’t think you’re using too much as it will shrink right up, much like spinach. 

3. Remove from the heat. Add the most of the leaves from your springs of mint and blitz using a hand blender. Stir in the cream and bring back the boil. Season with salt and black pepper then serve with some warm crusty bread and stick a mint leaf on top to make it look fancy. 

Spruce it Up

Spinach was mentioned above and it makes a great alternative to watercress if spinach is readily available and on offer as it often is. You won’t get the peppery flavour like you do with watercress but it’ll still be tasty and packed with goodness.

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