Shop Wisely and Save More

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Aldi has become my new favourite supermarket of late not least of which because of the fact that you can buy quality products at amazing prices. Another factor in my decision to make Aldi my regular supermarket is that they are constantly coming up trumps in blind test tastes. For example, their own brand champagne was tested along with other supermarkets and also Moet & Chandon, which is probably the best-known brand in the world. It trounced other leading supermarkets and came out equal first place along with the Moet. Add to that the fact that Aldi’s cost £9.99 and the Moet was £24.99 and you will see why I love it so much!

Another of my favourite products from Aldi (I will try to keep away from alcohol!) is their frozen Aberdeen Angus Beef Mice, which comes in 454gm bags at £2.49, (price correct as at December 2013.) This is a really versatile and tasty product, and let’s face it; there are times when we all need a savoury dish in a hurry and usually find ourselves reaching for the mince. This mince can be cooked straight from frozen and takes next to no time. I add it to chilli, Bolognese and usually make it into a Cottage pie which lasts for 2 days, so it represents really good value for money.

I add chopped carrots, celery, mushrooms, frozen petit pois and cooked, chopped onions, thereby bulking it out and making it go further. Add a pint of thick gravy and then top with mashed potato. Top with grated cheese and heat in the oven. This is really a one pot meal as you already have veg and gravy mixed in with the meat and potato on the top.

If I have no leftover mash to use, I use a pack of Aldi frozen ready-prepared mash, which comes in at 88p. To be truthful that is probably cheaper than you could make your own for, when you take into account the cost of potatoes, your fuel for boiling them and also the butter for mashing them with. I am not advocating using frozen mash as being the norm, but they are really useful when you come home from work and you want a tasty meal which doesn’t take forever to cook.

Another thing I always look out for in Aldi is their six specials in the fresh fruit and veg section. Every week you will find 6 different items on sale at 69p per pack. This is really good value for money and you can make meals based around these ingredients to save even more money. I got my kids liking Kiwi fruit which they had never liked before when they were in this offer. When fruit is expensive, most of us are loath to try out new things on the family in case they need to be thrown away if no-one likes them. But when you can get Kiwi at a little over 11p each, you don’t mind trying them out for a change.

Try Aldi next time you are shopping; keep an open mind and don’t always expect to get known brands, but for what it will cost you, just try something new this week and see whether you like it. what have you got to lose?

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