What to Eat now Autumn is Truly here

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The leaves are slowly turning to that much loved burnt orange and pale brown colour we all associated to autumn, but that means a change in the weather and a change in the produce being grown locally and in the UK. Let’s take a look at what you should be cooking with if you want to support those hard-working British farmers:


Why it’s like Marmite, I don’t know, but far too many people take a disliking to sweetcorn. There’s some over complicated recipes out there which ruin sweetcorn (in my opinion anyways). Instead, stick the grill on, grill the sweetcorn for 8 minutes or so. Smother in a combination of mayonnaise, yoghurt and chilli powder. The perfect, and dare I say it authentic Mexican way of doing things.

Apples – Specifically Cox

With their rosy skins, Cox Apples are quintessentially British and are one of the best tasting of them all. You don’t need to do too much with these apples to enjoy their sweetness. Of course, eating them like you’d eat any other apple is perfectly acceptable. But what else could you try? Peel and cut into quarters or slices the apple. Then in butter, sauté the cox apples with a handful of sultanas for a few minutes. Add a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon to give it a little more flavour, sprinkle them with sugar and add a good pouring of calvados (cognac would work as well). Burn off the alcohol (not all of it though) and then serve with whatever you fancy: Ice cream. Cream. Custard. Pancakes. Anything you fancy!


One of those vegetables that I, as a kid, turned my nose up to. This pile of green slop just wasn’t appetising. But with a few added touches, I’ve discovered it can actually be a tasty treat and it’s no better than autumn. Firstly, fry a few lardons in olive oil for a couple of minutes with a little garlic. Add in the kale and sauté for 8 to 10 minutes. Keep tossing it around. Season with a generous pinch of salt, pepper and a little nutmeg. Done.

Three things you MUST be eating now as Autumn settles in. Enjoy them.

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